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Scholarship Program

November 2010/February 2011

We've fired up our scholarship program again and are working on sending a few students to university starting this fall.

Information about the scholarship program can now be found in the Education section.

December 2007/January 2008

Duc, our board member who administered this program, has moved to the U.S.  We will discontinue this as a formal program, but will continue to provide help to individual children as opportunities present themselves to us.  Two such children, Thanh Thanh and Cuong, were introduced to us last year by Miss Yen, our heart surgery coordinator.  Go to the Special Projects section for details and photos of these two girls.

July/August 2006

We are now down to six scholarship students, three in Saigon and three in Tien Giang province.  Two have moved and Duc has lost touch with them.  As usual, Duc will pay school fees directly and distribute the balance of the money monthly to the families.  $1,000,000 Viet Nam Dong, now about $62 US, per student.

July/August 2005

We have the same eight scholarship students as last year.  They live in Saigon or Tien Giang province, their families are all very poor, and the children are all doing well in school.  $1,000,000 Viet Nam Dong, about $63 US, per student.  Duc will pay school fees directly to the schools and distribute the balance to the families monthly.

June/July 2004

We are continuing to provide $1,000,000 VND scholarships to eight students in Saigon and Tien Giang province. We had nine last year, but the father of one of the students came to Duc's house to tell him that their family circumstances had changed and they no longer needed the assistance.